About The Academic Editors: Academic Research and Editing for Your Scholarly Writing Needs

My name is Zulfiya Tchaikovsky, Principal of The Academic Editors

I’m a D.B.A. and Ph.D. with years of academic editing and proofreading experience. I specialize in quantitative research along with professional editing for essays and dissertations, plus academic research and editing for higher level learners and doctoral students.

What We Do at The Academic Editors

At The Academic Editors, we’re committed to helping you make the grade. How do we do it?
We pride ourselves on our quality editing and proofreading services that give you exactly what you need to succeed. Best of all, our services are affordable for students, so you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets for writing help.

If you’re overworked or overtired, you don’t have to polish and edit your project on your own. From
essays and dissertations to literature reviews, The Academic Editors have the chops and expertise to improve and perfect your writing. Life is busy enough – leave the editing to us.

Our Services and Expertise for Academic Papers and More

Whether you need help improving an essay, polishing your dissertation, or strengthening an academic paper, we’re here for you.

Editing: The Academic Editors are ready to help take your papers to the next level with professional editing. We look at your content critically, review for completeness, and cast a discerning eye to the structure in order to ensure the flow is smooth and seamless. We’ll also evaluate the tone, citations, and organization of the work overall. We’ll add the finishing touches and make your paper great, not just good.

Proofreading: When you’re in the thick of writing academic papers, it’s easy to fudge some spelling or misplace a comma or two. That’s why The Academic Editors are here to catch every little mistake so you don’t have to worry about it.

Essays: Essay writing is intensive and difficult to get right. If you don’t have the energy or the time to make sure your final draft is perfect, we can step in. We’ll make sure your thesis is well-developed, your outline is polished, and your ideas and sentences flow effortlessly from paragraph to paragraph.

Dissertations: Your dissertation is a monumental effort and a labor of love. From the literature review to the bibliography to the introduction and conclusion, it’s an undertaking you should be proud of. At The Academic Editors, we understand this deeply and want to work to help you earn that highest degree, the doctorate. After you’ve exhausted your energy and resources researching, writing, and finally cranking out an exceptional final draft, turn it over to us. We’ll take it from there. That includes proofreading and polishing your dissertation so it’s the best it can be. We’ll return it to you flawless and ready for presentation. Your work will be all you – just better.

Connect with The Academic Editors for Professional, Affordable Academic Research and Editing

You need experts on your side when you’re undertaking intensive academic writing and research. That’s why the pros at The Academic Editors are your best choice. We have years of experience in academia and professional editing. We’ll help boost your writing so it’s better than ever. Connect with us today for more information.