Client Reviews and Successes for Academic Research and Editing

As the Principal of The Academic Editors, I can proudly say we have gotten great client feedback.

This is because we’re qualified and skilled. I personally hold a D.B.A. and a Ph.D., plus years of editing and teaching experience.

We also offer affordable prices, comprehensive research, and a strong knowledge of academic paper requirements, especially doctoral dissertation papers. We’re especially familiar with the Walden University doctoral process.

Here are just a few reviews from satisfied clients who loved working with us for our editing services, doctoral research help, dissertation help, or assistance with their doctoral study.

Client Feedback for The Academic Editors

We have helped all kinds of people hone their writing and create well-crafted, polished academic papers.

Shelley M. – M.B.A., D.B.A. (c), Cape Coral, FL

“Academic Editors is a top-notch editing service. In fact, they’re better than any other academicresearch editing service that I’ve used in the past.Unlike other companies, they’re based in the United States and use American Standard English. They’re also incredibly qualified – their editors have doctorate degrees with a history of teaching and working with students on many levels. Finally, they edit with precision and are adept with the APA format.They gave me thoroughly helpful time and attention during a crunch that was a lifesaver. Most of all, they don’t price gouge like other companies I’ve used. Thank you, Academic Editors!”

Larissa K. – B.A., RN, Los Angeles, CA

“Academic Editors is a fantastic service. I got help writing a literature review that needed better organization and research. The work the editors did was precise and helped me create an excellent and thorough paper. I truly appreciate their magic touch.”

Elana A. - Student, Phoenix, AZ

“I needed an essay worked on for a tough class I was taking. The Academic Editors took my rough draft and made it so much better. They helped me clarify my ideas, improve the flow, and get my main points across. I highly recommend them!”

Maxim G. – M.S. in Technology Management, Samara, Russia

“I turned to The Academic Editors for help with a paper. The job they did for me made the content clear and concise and improved it tenfold. I never would have produced work this good without their help.”

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